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How To Telehealth

Telehealth is available on the weekends ONLY.

Hours are 8AM - 12PM Friday and Saturday unless posted online. 

Telehealth is NOT available During Business hours for local residents, please call the Office number to set up an IN OFFICE Visit. 

No Telehealth is available after 5pm everyday. 

You can Call 910-207-6088 to get started or Visit the Patient Portal on the home page to input your information to make the registration process faster. 

A VIRTUAL Visit is just like Facetime, but more secure. You will be sent a link to access the video feed from your phone or computer, whichever is easiest for you. A virtual visit is necessary if you are sick, have a rash, abscess, or just don't feel good. There is a lot we can tell about your health by actually seeing you. 

A TELEPHONE Visit is just that.. A phone call. This should only be used if you do not have any major concerns or anything for the provider to see in regards to your health. 

If you have a blood pressure machine, glucometer, thermometer, pulse oximeter for oxygen levels, height and current weight... Please have this information ready, which will help the provider take better care of you. 

Please have your medications or a list of your medications available to give to the provider on the call to better serve your needs. This keeps you safe!

Please have your insurance card and payment information ready at the beginning of your visit. 

Please inform the provider who your Primary Care Provider is so we can send them your visit information to keep them up to date on your health. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office for more information. 

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